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We get to check another off the Bucket List

“The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)”  Went  to a mountain top 70 miles North E of Fairbanks Alaska, spent 2 night from 10PM to 3AM, got lucky they were active both nights. First night was cloudy, but the second night was crystal clear.  There was also a meteor shower same time, saw a lot of “shooting stars”. Pretty Cold 0 to -15F degrees, thought I was going to lose some fingers 😊  I can’t see how people go out in -40 or -50 degrees and actually do something?    Weather was too bad next day and they cancelled our plane flight to fly around Denali Mountain/Mount McKinley (we keep trying But still have not seen it)  Ilyse in a  picture is pointing to the bottom 3000’ - the Mountain is 20,310 feet high, way into the clouds.


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