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 If the USA wanted to hurt Cuba's economy - They  certainly achieved their objective

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Cuba music below - Control panel


2 Kind of links, Slide show and Manual

both have the same pictures

Cuba old cars Slide show



All Cuba Havana SLIDE SHOW

Cuba  Havana Town 1 of 2 large pictures

Cuba  Havana Town 2 of 2 large pictures


All Cuba  Havana Town pictures Small size


Indian Rocks Beach Visits Cuba SLIDE SHOW

Indian Rocks Beach Visits Cuba


Cuba Movies Link the last movie (27)plays all together 20 minutes

Desi Arnaz at his Badass best! 

click picture OR youtube link below


Below---The Mavericks song about Cuba "From Hell to Paradise" Great song

Press the  > "play button"


First turn off the Cuban music playing above  "ll" pause or  ">" play