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The RS-25, formerly the space shuttle main engine, fired up for 500 seconds on the A-1 test stand at Stennis, providing NASA engineers critical data on the engine controller unit and inlet pressure conditions. This is the first hot fire of an RS-25 engine since the end of space shuttle main engine testing in 2009. Four RS-25 engines will power SLS on future missions, including to an asteroid and Mars.  Test firing of Engine (500 seconds) was the same time as it would take you to get to SPACE

I am the Project Engineer at Honeywell and we Design and build the Computers, Power Supply, Health Monitors, Rocketdyne designs all I/O boards and interfaces. The Engine Controller (all components) are built, assembled and tested at Honeywell and Shipped to NASA for final testing on the RS-25 Engine.

Link to HD Video of Rocket Engine fire I took and compiled

NASA  link to RS25 site and  Great video below


Lots of info on test fire here at NASA Stennis site where test was preformed



Home site of the SLS (Space Launch System) Program



Site for more information on the RS-25 engine


A Few of pictures I took below, engine picture supplied by Rocketdyne

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