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Alaska Wilderness trip

Alaska Bears were GREAT what a Rush, we stayed 5 hours in the wild with  50 Grizzly Bears, 100's of miles from NOTHING. Nothing between us and the Bears but air. The Bears came up to us close enough to touch them (but I didn't).  Grizzly Bears in the wild just feet away from us,what a trip, Pictures and Movie Link Below

Grizzly Bears in the wild just us and them "and alot of Salmon"

 Picture Links below

Grizzly Bears in the WILD - Large

Grizzly Bears in the WILD- small



Alaska Movie Page

Each Movie is in a different player, scroll down and select each one (click on play button) individually, in the next window to see them all


Click Here to see Mom Bear and her Cub

Click Here to see the Alaska Bear Movie -Larger longer Download

Click Here to see the Alaska Bear Movie -Small size

Click Here for Train movie North in Alaska


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